Health Benefits and Physical Activity

                                                        How  can we  help  Seán Mac Carthaigh?

Task    What must I do?

Your class is going to put together an "Information Campaign on the Benefits of Physical Activity" to help people like Seán to see how physical activity can improve their life style and make them feel better.  Your task as a member of a team is to help Seán to examine the role of rest, physical activity and food in providing energy to meet his body’s needs and improve his quality of life. 

 Your mission is to HELP Seán to:

  1. improve his eating habits so that he will have more energy. Can we plan a healthy diet for Seán using the food pyramid as a guideline? We need to find out what influences many of us to eat all the wrong foods
  2. get more exercise in order to release energy properly. Can we help Seán make lifelong choices to become more physically active and inform him about the pitfalls of inactivity
  3. consider a list of guidelines that will help him make realistic positive lifestyle changes to improve his health
  4. look at different ways of relaxing that will help his sleeping. We must find out why he isn't sleeping. Seán also needs to know how his body reacts to stress and how to deal with stress.

Look at the following websites to get started and record your findings on the 'Health Benefits of Physical Activity'

Benefits of Physical Activity (Irish Heart Foundation)
Benefits of Physical Activity (N.E.H.B)
7 Benefits of regular Physical Activity