Principles of Training

F.I.T.T. for Action

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Process:      What steps must I take to complete the task?

Step 1        Review of previous learning

a)       In order to prepare for your task you will revisit the three basic principles of training which you have already studied:

  • Reversibility (‘Use and Disuse’)
  • Specificity
  • Progressive overload

b)      Now that you have considered how progressive overload improves training outcomes; examine the FITT principle/formula to understand how it’s applied when planning a fitness training programme

c)      Outline what the acronym means (clearly show what each “letter” stand for).


The F.I.T.T. Principle

Step 2        Applying the FITT principle/formula

  1. To begin with, choose one of the Component of Fitness and briefly outline how you would apply the FITT principle.
  2. Display all the information and work you have covered so far, either in Poster Form (A3), or via a computer presentation package such as MsPowerpoint.
  3. Record how and where you sourced your information.

The following websites may help you in your search.

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Principles of Training


Step 3           Design the programme

A         Create your own personal fitness (Health Related) programme. The programme is to last for 4 -6 weeks. Apply the FITT principle to the four Components of Health Related Activity within that programme:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Muscular Strength & Endurance
  • Body Composition


B:         Select a preferred sport / activity (e.g. Football; Hockey; Skate-Boarding; Swimming etc)

  • set a goal appropriate for the chosen activity, and design a programme for 4-6 weeks using the FITT Principle
  • include exercises within the four Components of Fitness, which are specifically suited to your chosen activity.


Step 4           Presentation of Work

a)      Submit a copy of programme designed.  Ensure that it includes/outlines in detail how each element of F.I.T.T. is applied to each component.

b)      Create a PowerPoint presentation outlining the reasons behind the programme designed

c)      You may be required to present this to your class mates